Saturday, 11 August 2007

Day 26: Thursday, 9 August

Ashland, VA to Williamsburg, VA...[map]
I've only gone and bloody done it!
Mileage: 78.6miles+14.1 back to hotel, Start: 7:30am, Time: 6hr:14min,
Avg: 15.7mph, Rolling: 12.6mph, Climb: 1,046ft,
Weather: Hot and humid, Temp: 82-95°F
We've finally made it! After 26 hot days we've reached the Atlantic coast and completed our US transcontinental... and not a moment too soon.

Everybody was chirpy at breakfast and looking forward to the last ride. We set off together out of Ashland into another steamy and humid day. The early miles were a little hairy, with a large bunch and morning commuter traffic, so I and a few others decided to hang back so as not to have a problem on the last day of all days! In the end, I rode a lot of the day in my own space, still near to other riders but on my own, so as to savour the final miles and reflect on my last month of effort.

As scheduled, we all met up again about 2 miles from the finish for a procession to the beach. We waited quite a while for Woody to turn up, but he eventually did. (Woody rode at his own pace throughout the tour but still achieved the same result as everybody else who completed). Then we 'processed' to the finish. It was a special few minutes with everybody congratulating each other on their achievements. We even had several spectators clapping us in along the road! Upon reaching the beach, most took off shoes and socks and walked the bike to the water's edge for that special photo. I did the same of course.

Following that, we had our lunch near the beach and rode back 14 miles to the hotel. We could now get off our bikes for good for the trip was at last over.

I'm sure I'll be along later to wax more philosophically about the tour and wrap things up, but for now this is the end of the final road report. Thanks for spending the time reading my daily entries and I hope you enjoyed the ride!

Rolling out on the final morning
On the Colonial Parkway
Amassing for the procession...
Me and the Atlantic
That was quite a long way...


Martina said...

"Imagination" is the key,
To light the fire,
As it comes before "Desire",
The seed bursts open,
To a growing flower,
Emerging as "Willpower".

As the plant grows stronger,
Many leaves to vent,
Then starts the process,
of "Development".

Till the flower bursts open,
Revealing your dream,
From a wish, it's come true,
With some changes in your scheme.
As if almost "Heaven sent",
You have gone,
From a thought,
"To achievement".

Shaun said...

That's poetical!