Friday, 3 August 2007

Day 19: Thursday, 2 August

South Benoit, IL to Dwight, IL...[map]
Resting today, but it was very hot again...
Mileage: 133.7miles, Start: 7:00am, Time: 9hr:37min,
Avg: 16.4mph, Rolling: 13.9mph, Climb: 1,820ft,
Weather: Hot and sunny and humid, Temp: 65-95°F
Another sauna this morning. It's unbelieveable. A bit of a 'rest' day today, not much doing. Just rolling through acres and acres of corn and soya...

We had a nice ride on a cycle path away from the traffic for a while. It was tree-lined aswell. I was pretty tired today after the efforts of the last two days, so I took it quite easy. Even managed to find a hose-spray in a park to cool down with at the first sag stop.

We crossed the Illinois river on an old looking bridge. That was kind of scary after the events in Minneapolis, but we got across safely. We had a nice surprise coming into Dwight, we hooked up with the historic Route 66 and I actually got to ride on a small section of very old road. Cool.

It could be a hard day tomorrow so that's it for now.

On the cycle path
Shaun cooling off!
Crossing the Illinois
Route 66 - cool!
(very) Old Route 66

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