Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Day 18: Wednesday, 1 August

Praire Du Chien, WI to South Benoit, IL...[map]
Sweatier than a sweaty sauna...
Mileage: 144.5miles, Start: 7am, Time: 9hr:36min,
Avg: 16.8mph, Rolling: 15.1mph, Climb: 6,197ft,
Weather: Hot and very humid, Temp: 68-92°F
Well, that's the most sweat I've dropped in a day! It was super-humid today - you think England is humid during the hot spells - well it isn't, it's arid. Rolled out at 7am and by 7:30am I was dripping. My legs were glistening (and looking rather fetching). My jersey was soaked, my suncream was in my eyes.

Today was also billed as quite a tough day of rolling hills in Wisconsin. As it turned out I steamed it. I felt good all day and felt more at home in the hills than the flatland of the last few days. Spent most of the day with Michael and Kerin. Both were also feeling strong and up for a fast ride. Wahey! We rode the rollercoasters pretty well, gaining lots of momentum from the downhills to use on the uphills. Pretty nice traffic free roads today were also a bonus.

After lunch, Michael and I pushed on, we were on the hunt for Kurt, but he was on a mission and we never saw him until the finish. Damn, that guy is strong. The field was pretty strung out today.

Sorry, light on pictures today, we were too busy chewing tarmac...

Ahh... cute... only 30 months til slaughter day.
Nice mural.
Tee hee hee.


R & A said...

The rest did you good, now you are back on form, and on hills that I know you peform well in.

Bet you are all glad you are through Mississippi!!!!!!!!

R & A

Beth said...

Chloe is most concerned following the bridge over the mississippi collapsing. I just told her it was the weight of the bikes!!! and of course the fact that you were no where near it!!!
Take care glad to hear all is well again and you are 'enjoying' the ride again.

Beth and the mob xx