Friday, 3 August 2007

Day 20: Friday, 3 August

Dwight, IL to Wabash, IN...[map]
Well, that was flatter than a flat pancake...
Mileage: 166.7miles, Start: 6:00am, Time: 10hr:11min,
Avg: 19.0mph, Rolling: 16.4mph, Climb: 869ft,
Weather: Sunny but not too hot, Temp: 62-87°F
Potentially, today was to have been a nasty day - 167miles on a flat road. Luckily, the wind wasn't playing silly buggers and we had very light winds from the north west. This made the day relatively pleasant and everybody made pretty good progress. Pacelines were again the order of the day and the groups I played with managed 20mph for a lot of the day!

It was an early start though, with an alarm at 4.30am! We were on the road by 6am. Another sunny day, but quite cool to start with and not quite so humid as previous days. I rode the first stage with Lon on his single-speed bike.

We got buzzed by a plane during the morning, sort of North by Northwest style. It landed in the field next to the road. At first I thought it going to land on the road in front of us!

I felt strong today, so the bad day turned into a good day - only 10 hours on the bike! Thanks to Michael, Andrew and Jim (and earlier Dan) for the pacing. We lost an hour tonight as we changed over to Eastern time, so we've an hour less sleep time available. I feel another 'rest' day coming on...

We've also got a party to go to tomorrow evening!...

It's still dark outside this morning... Oh dear
Lon on his single speed
The plane that buzzed us this morning


Beth said...

The kids all asked where it was that shaun went in the fab water (i told them it was far too far to go!!!) I think the plane was far too close for comfort what with my fear of flying!!

Take care.

Beth and the Mob XX

Martina said...

Day 20 already - wow! That's not real!! Good for you.

We've finally got some warm weather here too - 28C today. Ok - so a) still not as hot; and b) we're not cycling 130 miles in it.

Puppy is zonked - too hot! But I'm enjoying wearing short for the first time this summer.

Still enjoying the picture - keep them coming! And enjoy your last week.


A said...

We finally received your headsweat band - we'll bring it along, maybe PBP will be hot! Great job with the blog, enjoying reading your efforts as we sit in front of the tv! Amy (& Robin) Pieper