Sunday, 5 August 2007

Day 21: Saturday, 4 August

Wabash, IN to Troy, OH...[map]
Split some blood today... but I'm OK + great party in the evening!
Mileage: 130.5miles, Start: 7:00am, Time: 9hr:01min,
Avg: 17.1mph, Rolling: 14.5mph, Climb: 967ft,
Weather: Sunny and pleasant, Temp: 57-85°F
Today was a bit of a boring day, so I decided to liven things up by falling off by bike! Hey! I'd been doing my nut in during the morning, as the flat roads and miles and miles of soya and corn were begining to wear a little thin.

We had a coolish morning start, the coldest so far - probably late 50's - so 'frigid'. Well, at least Hooker thought so (see photo). I of course thought it was still warm, so continued in my usual shorts and short-sleeved shirt. I also finally got a reasonable long distance short of an Amish buggy! We also crossed into Ohio today, so another photo job. That was about it until after lunch...

We were only just a few miles out from lunch when I ran into the back of Andrew's wheel and took a tumble. (As I said to Jon later that day when he asked 'How did you fall?'. 'Why, straight down, Jon!'). I was a bit unlucky actually, as I landed on a gravel drive with nice grass banks either side. Oh well. I've got some 'road rash' on my right ankle, calf, knee and thigh. Not too bad though and it won't stop me riding!

In the evening we all went to a BBQ party in Troy laid on by the Ohio Boys (Dan and Doug). It was also a bit of a sad occasion as Dan has had to leave the tour because of work commitments. He's a turkey farmer and the heat has become critical to the current flock. So sad really as Dan is a top bloke! Anyway, we drank a couple of beers and eat the excellent food. Being the revellers that we are, Kurt and myself were nearly the last to leave, but were still back at the hotel by 8.30pm. Now, that's partying!...

Hooker thinks it's cold this morning...
Doug (left) and Dan - The Ohio Boys!
Amish buggy (from a distance and later cropped)
Another border
At the party...
Dan and his wife Shauna (sorry if spelling is dodgy)

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