Monday, 6 August 2007

Day 23: Monday, 6 August

Athens, OH to Elkins, WV...[map]
Last silly mileage day today. Yahoo!
Mileage: 156.0miles, Start: 7:00am, Time: 10hr:57min,
Avg: 16.4mph, Rolling: 14.2mph, Climb: 7,014ft,
Weather: Rain AM, Cloudy and Hot PM, Temp: 75-89°F
Well, that's the final very long mileage day over! It was meant to be 165 miles but by staying on the main roads we saved 9 miles. This was good in the obvious way, but not so good in other ways. I felt we spent too long on Route 50 and Route 33 (both four lane hiways) and I was feeling lethargic for the time on the 50. Once we were off it, though, things picked up as we followed a very scenic wooded valley. After that, it went downhill (the road went up and down hill of course!) as the 33 was quite busy and after the last sag, the shoulder was the worst we've had on this trip. Result, a puncture fest for everybody!

We set out a little late this morning, as it was pouring with rain and the sun hadn't woken up by the time of our original departure. The rain was very heavy for about 2 hours, but it was already warm and humid. I don't think it got below 75 degrees last night. As I said, I wasn't feeling too good on the early main roads, but for some reason my energy levels picked up after lunch!

Took an obligatory picture at the West Virginia state border. We've only got WV and Virginia to go now! In fact we've got about 300 miles left. Problem is, there is a mountain range between us and the coast! So, the riding is far from over...

Approaching West Virginia...
Difficult to get the bike near the sign.
Once we were off the main road it looked liked this...
So near you can nearly smell the ocean!
Road rash entering the yucky, sticky phase...


R & A said...

You must all be getting really good and mending punctures by now, almost in your sleep.

Not far now

R & A

Martina said...

Call that a bruise? Seriously, hope it's not too bad. Just keep pedalling - and enjoy the hills.